Hi, I'm Sophie!

Hello internet explorer, thanks for visiting my site! My name is Sophie and I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in Digital Media & Design. Besides my love for writing, I'm an avid whale lover, athlete, adventurer, music discoverer, photographer, and sushi conqueror. 

My inspiration for this blog truly extends from my love of writing. I started writing in journals when I was very young, and became so obsessed to the point that I still find myself constantly journal writing to this very day. Outside of journal writing, I am also working on my very first novel. All in all, I aspire to someday become a social media manager within the music industry, as well as a published author living in the Pacific Northwest.

The intention I have for this blog is to not be standard - I want to stand out! Because of this you will probably find many posts about anything and everything random

relating to music - just the way I like it. I hope you enjoy these pieces of myself that I'm sharing with you. Thank you again for joining me on this crazy, exciting, and creative adventure.

Check back often for my latest posts! 

Sophie XOXO

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