• Sophie

Admit it...We're ALL Kind of Weird

Throughout my entire existence I have repeatedly been fed the lie that being weird is bad, that I should just "act normal". Media outlets have especially become prime sources of exploitation and harassment of those partaking in activities, or with habits that the majority of us would find strange.

I admit that these movies, videos, articles, etc. are indeed entertaining, but I can't agree that having strange tendencies is something that we should be ashamed of. It is not something that we should be taught or pressured into "making over" like in the movies. After all, did Cady Heron in Mean Girls really benefit from hiding her weirdness under layers of expensive clothing and makeup? I think not. In truth, I believe there is a point in which weird becomes grotesque and uncomfortable (I hope I do not need to expand on my idea of this boundary), but for the most part, I would consider our so called "weirdness" to be the best part of ourselves. That weird bone in our bodies is responsible for making sure we're all individually unique.

Too often during high school I witnessed people who I admired for their willingness to express themselves, and all of their weirdness, be bullied for those things that made them unique, by people who conformed until they were nothing more than clones of each other. And I'm talking about both genders here. I even personally experienced this process of being made an outcast. My weirdness, was that I was too much of everything. By the book I was too punk to be girly, I was too artsy to be sporty, and I was too smart to be rebellious; yet, I still occasionally wore heels to school, I played on three sports teams, and I found ways to get out of class early. I was labeled weird because I could not be categorized. Others bore the title of weird for enjoying card games, for having a passion for drama, for having colored hair, and other ridiculous reasons. But what makes any of these things weird? And if their hobbies, passions, and choices are not affecting you directly then how is it any of your business anyways?

I now know, that having hobbies, and having the ability to relate to all types of people are not things to be ashamed of. Instead, they are things to be praised. To me, things that are weird are having that one dance move no one else can do, laughing uncontrollably at things most people wouldn't find that funny (like all of those Kermit memes), saying ding dong every time you hear the door bell ring, and having that urge to stand on things you're no supposed to like the kitchen table (yes, I do all of these things). Still, these are not attributes that should automatically make one "unfit" to socialize with the rest of society.

Since beginning college I have learned something about my weirdness, which I have now fully embraced with open arms. And that is, that it doesn't matter if you have a few weird parts of your personality, weird hobbies, or weird thoughts because let's admit it... no matter who you are, you know there's something weird buried inside of you. And, it's impossible to escape the weird anyways because we're all thrown into this crazy weird world together. What matters, is that you find those who can not only also embrace your weirdness, but also appreciate it because they find it compatible with their own inner weirdness. What I'm trying to say is, accept your weirdness no matter what anyone else says, find those who appreciate it, combine your mutual weirdness with them, and conquer this weird life together.

Sophie XOXO



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