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Laguna Beach, CA

Welcome to my first post in 'Around the World', where we'll be visiting some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Today, we're visiting Laguna Beach, CA. Now granted I've never been here myself, but that doesn't mean I can't go on a virtual vacation and take you all along with me.

Located in Orange County, on Cali's southern end, the small city of Laguna Beach is known for it's beaches, coves, and local businesses.

Some of it's most popular beaches include Main Beach, Aliso Beach Park, and Crystal Cove Park. Here, you will find features such as boardwalks, tide pools, and gardens. Aliso Beach Park is especially known for being a popular surf spot.

If you're like me, scared of the ocean and have never tried surfing, then there are still plenty of activities offered by Laguna Beach to keep you occupied. The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park offers trails that wind through scenic coastal canyons where you can hike, mountain bike, run, or even ride horses. There are also plenty of shops to explore where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces ranging from home furnishings, bath salts, oils, jewelry, clothing, surf gear, and more.

As a foodie, it would be unacceptable if I did not also mention the incredible restaurants in the area. Being so close to the coast, many restaurants offer rooftop views and ocean-front seating as a compliment to their gourmet meals. It is not surprising that these restaurants offer some of the most amazing south-of-the-border options seeing as they are located so close to the border of Mexico. If you're too busy enjoying every last ray of sun on the sand, don't fret because many of the city's local eateries stay open well past 10 p.m.

After enjoying a delicious meal by the ocean, be sure to check out Laguna Beach's nightlife scene ranging from live music to clubs. Brussels Bistro is a hot spot for techno music, if rock is more your thing then head over to the renowned Marine Room or Sandpiper (known as "The Dirty Bird" to locals), or visit The White House and Mozambique for some groovin' Reggae.

No matter your hobbies, and no matter your lifestyle, Laguna Beach, CA has something for everyone.

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