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Shatter Me Series // Tahereh Mafi


Juliette is a 17 year old girl living with a curse...she can't touch anyone without killing them. In fact, she hasn't touched anyone for 264 days. After being sent away by her parents, she is thrown into solitary confinement where she can't harm anyone even if she wants to. That is, until he requests her presence. Soon, Juliette meets Warner, the beautiful boy in charge of Sector 45 who has dark intentions and a weak spot for her affection. She fears that she will have to live under Warner's command for the rest of her life until Adam, one of Warner's soldiers, starts giving her hope of a way out, as well as her first genuine human connection (hint hint). As The Reestablishment continues to show its strength, Juliette soon finds herself struggling to reach a balance between her abilities, her feelings, and her safety.

What I Think So Far:

I only recently finished Unravel Me, technically the third book but second from Juliette's point of view, and I have to say that at this point, I'm officially OBSESSED. When I first began reading this series I was still coming down from the high of completing the Divergent series over the summer. In fact, I found Tahereh Mafi's series by typing, "books like Divergent", into Google. I ended up picking this series out of the others on the list because it was something unlike anything else I had really read before. I mean really, a teen girl who can literally drain the life out of people by merely touching them? Yeah, I hadn't read that before. So I went into the series open-minded and ready to become immersed in a brand new world, but found myself feeling let down after the first couple of chapters.

Mafi has a style completely unique which I now admire, but used to loathe. She does not write to provide immaculate details, something unlike my own personal style. Because of this, I at first found it difficult to relate to the character and even generally understand her. However, I didn't let my first impressions get the best of me, and I'm relieved that I didn't because it would have been a great loss.

What Mafi has created are characters and a world with many layers; in which, each chapter something new is added on. Soon enough, I couldn't stop reading because I was eager to see the fuller picture, and to finally read through a developed character's perspective. On top of constantly changing and maturing characters, the author has come up with plot lines and twists that I would never expect especially from these characters. This alone is the biggest reason I can't put the books down.

I'm eager to begin Ignite Me, especially after the ending (no spoilers) of Unravel Me. Unfortunately, I left it back in my dorm room and won't have access to it for the next few weeks. After completing the next book, I will also read Unite Me which contains both Destroy Me (an excerpt told from Warner's perspective after Shatter me and before Unravel Me), as well as Fracture Me (told from Adam's point of view after Unravel Me and before Ignite Me). My hopes for these installments are to receive answers to my impending questions, understand the entire picture of what's happening during this snapshot in time as told through all five books, and hopefully find myself enjoying a happy ending. If I have learned anything from the series so far, it's that you should never trust your first impressions of a book after only a few chapters.

Rating: 8.5/10

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