• Sophie

College, First Impressions

In the spirit of the New Year, I've decided to reflect on 2016. More specifically, on my first semester in college. Going into it I had a million concerns running through my head, "Will I make any friends?", "How will I balance my budget?", "Am I bringing too much with me?", "What if my classes are too hard?", and "What if my roommate decides she hates me?" This will probably sound a little dramatic, but instead of feeling like the rest of my life was just beginning, I felt like my life was very possibly ending. So when I stared at the back of my family's car as they drove away I wanted nothing more than to just sit down right there in the middle of the parking lot, and deny that I was now on my own.

Instead, I sulked back to my dorm room and continued unpacking and organizing with my roommate (surprisingly, everything I had brought fit in the tiny space just fine). The first couple of days were hectic and filled with orientation activities so I never really had a chance to just sit down and take in the situation. Luckily for me, I live in an FYE (First Year Experience) dorm so I had no troubles meeting people and making friends fast because we were all in the same, barely afloat boat together. And, my roommate was proving to be just as chill and nice as I hoped she would be, so things were going as well as they possibly could be.

After several days, classes finally began. Besides worrying about the difficulty level of my classes, I soon found myself worrying about professors, getting there on time, and how to balance school with everything else I had to do. I didn't know when I was supposed to eat! However, none of these things were really unmanageable and after a few weeks I found my routine, which included meal times. It was only after I established this routine that I finally realized how incredibly awesome college really is.

I had made more good friends in a matter of weeks than I had for the last eighteen years. Friends that didn't require any explanation for my craziness because they were just as crazy and fun as myself. My professors were for the most part, some of the most understanding and rational people I had ever met, and I couldn't believe that they weren't as stuck up or harsh as I had seen in movies. I even became the favorite student for a few of them. No one, meaning my parents, was there to tell me what to do so I found myself feeling proud and accomplished each time I did something productive such as doing my laundry, washing dishes, or vacuuming. I also found myself having so much time on my hands that I had never had before, that I actually developed new hobbies such as working out each day and playing the ukulele. And even though I didn't go crazy when I got to college by partying and drinking every chance I got, I was still making memories and having strange experiences every week that could only happen in college.

All in all, college is pretty cool. I had so many expectations for how horrible it would be that I based on what I've been told, what I've read, and what I've seen in movies (I know, not the most reliable sources). I'm ecstatic that so many of these negative expectations were immediately crushed because now I can really just relax and enjoy college for what it truly is. Fun.

With a New Year comes a new semester, fingers crossed that it's just as enjoyable as the last.

Sophie XOXO



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