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A Late but Needed Introduction

I'm already a few days invested in this blog, and I just now realized that I never fully introduced myself *face palms my forehead*. So hello, my name is Sophie, and I'm the independent owner and writer for HeyMae. It's nice to meet you (sort of)! I'm sorry that I skipped my greeting post and jumped right into everything, I was just so excited to finally have my very own blog. Although you can read more about me in the 'About' tab above, I'd still like to go into a little more detail about myself.

To start, I"m going to give a brief background about my writing history. From a young age, I knew that writing was an interest for me. I was given many assignments during grade school in which I had the opportunity to write poems, non-fictions essays, and even short stories. While most kids blew through these assignments in order to simply get them over with, I spent hours thinking and reworking practically everything I wrote. After receiving so much positive feedback about my work, I began to realize that I had a true talent for writing. To be honest though, even though I knew I was good at writing, I still preferred to read books rather than write them. In fact, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I actually said librarian instead of author. This all changed however when I entered middle school.

In one of my writing classes, we were required to write a short story in order to explore the parts and figures of speech. I wrote a story that was substantially longer than those of my classmates, but ended up being rewarded for it in a way that was not a letter grade. My teacher confronted my mom during conferences to tell her how amazing my story had been, and how she believed that if I expanded on it, I could eventually make it into a book. That was the first time that I had felt as if becoming a published writer was truly possible.

Unfortunately, I soon entered the realm of high school where any and all of my free time went into studying for AP classes, volunteering, and sports. Because I had so much going on I didn't write much during this time besides in a personal journal of mine, and as a music contributor for The Indiependent blog (which I continue to write for); however, I did take a creative writing class where I was able to briefly expand on my praised short story, but never completed it.

Now, I am a college student studying Communications in Broadcast & Digital Media, with the addition of a Creative Writing Minor in the hopes that I will someday become a published author. So what better way to get my creative thoughts out there than through a blog? I began HeyMae because after so many years of writing for another blog, I felt like I was finally ready to start my very own site. Several years ago, I attempted to create a blog but felt like I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Well, I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm more confident now that I'll figure it out eventually.

My goal for this blog is to be able to express myself with no strings attached. I want to be as funny, raw, real, and crazy as possible. Although my blog does not have a niché (very specific target), I have done this with intention. I want to be able to reach a widespread audience, and I don't believe this can be done if my blog only focuses on one element of my interests. Therefore, I will be writing about anything from music, to beauty, fitness, fashion, books, films, opinions, wellness, etc. Basically, I'm going to write about whatever the heck I want to write about with the hopes that each and every one of you will find something that peaks your interests, or that you can relate to.

Alright, so enough about writing and the blog. Here's a blurb of facts about me...

1) Whales are my absolute favorite animal

2) My favorite holiday is The 4th of July, with Halloween and New Year's Eve coming in second and third

3) I love biking, rollerblading, running, playing lacrosse, and doing yoga to stay fit

4) My favorite fruit is watermelon

5) I have an addiction to gum and candy hearts

6) My dog Zeke is the love of my life

7) I dream of living in the Pacific Northwest someday

8) The Divergent series is without question my favorite book AND movie series

9) I play the flute, piano and ukulele

10) I will do practically anything for sushi

11) Eleven is my favorite number

I know this post was long (sorry!) but at least now you know a little bit more about me and the origins of HeyMae. I sincerely hope that you found at least one thing interesting, and that you'll continue to come back to see what else is in store. Happy reading!

Sophie XOXO



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