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La playa del amor, México

Ah, La playa del amor, or for those of you who don't speak Spanish, The Beach of Love. Located off of the west coast of Mexico near Nayarit, the Marieta Islands are home to this secret cove. The islands make up an archipelago, or chain of land formations formed by underwater volcano eruptions. While these in themselves are a natural wonder, this hidden gem is suspected to have been formed by something manmade.

The Marieta Islands have always been uninhabited, which made them a pristine location for military testing by the Mexican government. Beginning in the early 1900s, weapons and artillery were tested on the islands, which became the known cause for many of its cave and rock formations. While it is very possible that la playa could have also resulted from this military testing, it has not yet been proven.

What makes this cove even more special is how you get there. Because the islands are still uninhabited today, the only way visitors can get there are through tours. The boat ride itself is an hour long, and once there, the only way to access the hidden paradise is via a water tunnel. Don't worry though, no diving experience is needed to make the trek because six feet of space remains between the water's surface and the ceiling of the tunnel, so there's no need to hold your breath. Instead, you can enjoy swimming or even kayaking your way to the serenity of this wide, sandy cavern full of the crystal clear, blue water of the Pacific.

If you love mystery, adventure, and going to the beach, then La playa del amor should definitely be on your bucket list. I know it's on mine. However, I'll have to make sure that this is the last stop on my list because between the history, diverse wildlife, seclusion, and beauty of these islands, I feel like it would be impossible to ever leave once there.

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