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Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day! What a time to be alive right? In honor of this joyous, heavenly, and delicious day, here are some fun facts about chocolate... and cake.

Chocolate Fact 1) The smell of chocolate increases theta waves in the brain which produces relaxation.

Chocolate Fact 2) White chocolate technically isn't chocolate because it contains no cocoa of any form.

Chocolate Fact 3) It takes approximately 400 cacao bean to produce 1 lb. of chocolate.

Chocolate Fact 4) M&Ms were created in 1941 as a means for soldiers to enjoy chocolate without it melting.

Chocolate Fact 5) Eating dark chocolate everyday helps reduce the risk of heart disease by 1/3.

Cake Fact 1) Cupcakes were originally referred to as cupcakes because they were baked in cups, & the ingredients were measured by the cup

Cake Fact 2) The term 'birthday cake' originated in 1785. Birthday cake was originally meant to be an offering given on birthdays.

Cake Fact 3) The world's most expensive cake costed a whopping $35 million.

Cake Fact 4) The world's tallest cake was 108 ft. 3 in. tall. It also weighed 19.99 tons.

Cake Fact 5) In Scotland, as well as parts of Whales & New England, 'cake' meant, "a thick, hard biscuit made from oatmeal".

Hopefully you learned something new from this random post about delicious desserts. Now it's time for me to stop writing, for you to stop reading, and for all of us to go eat some chocolate cake. YUM!

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