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A Bad Day Post

For those of you who are reading this because you're slightly confused by the tittle, don't be. Because this post is about exactly what it sounds like. Today, I had a bad day. But it wasn't just any other occasional bad day, it was an exhausting, painful, "How am I still alive?" kind of bad day. So instead of boring you all with the details that led up to this post, I'm simply going to list off some of the things that make me feel better after days like these. Hopefully, by the end of this post I will be feeling at least slightly happier or relaxed than I am right now. Here we go...

1) Puppies - When I have a bad day and finally get the chance to sit down to wallow in self-pity, the first thing I think about is my dog Zeke. All I want to do after a bad day is lay on the ground, pet Zeke, and let him lick away any impending tears. In college that's obviously not possible, so instead I settle for FaceTime, or pictures of puppies. While it's not quite the same, there are a handful of impossibly adorable puppies on the internet that still manage to make me forget about everything except for their cuteness. For me, puppies are the cure for everything.

2) Candy - Candy is my kryptonite, specifically anything fruity. Chocolate, cupcakes, and cookies are OK, but I much rather prefer the tangy sugary taste of fruity candy. So on my bad days, don't expect to see me without a giant bag of skittles by my side.

3) Netflix - Netflix is the ultimate comfort and I'm sure this rings true for thousands of people. It's is just one of those easily accessible places that's full of tons of options for easy distractions from your life's problems. Grey's Anatomy marathon here I come.

4) Face masks - Aroma therapy has always been something I utilize whether I'm feeling sad, stressed, or even happy. And face masks are something I occasionally utilize for relaxation and skin therapy. Luckily for me, there are a ton of cheap, pre-made face masks that I can get at pretty much any drug store, that not only work, but also smell incredible. Plus, there's just something fun about smearing fun-colored, mud concoctions on your face.

5) Comfy Clothes - The definition of comfy clothes is subject to opinion, but for me it only means one thing. And that is hair up, sweatpants, baggy t-shirt/sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks. No exceptions.

Those are only a handful of the things that make my bad days a little less terrible, but at this point I'm ready to stop writing and start relaxing. Time to throw on my comfy clothes, smear on a face mask, start-up Netflix, grab my bag of skittles, and FaceTime my dog. Hello happy, goodbye bad day.

Sophie XOXO



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