• Sophie

Things Only a Girl Who Scrubs Can Understand

When people think of teenage and college age girls, there is typically an association with lots of makeup, perfect hair, and cute expensive clothes. In most cases, this is true. However, for some girls around that age, scrubbing is the preferred way to dress. Scrubbing can basically be defined as wearing clothes that other people would consider wearing to the gym or to bed. Everyone has those days where getting up and looking good just isn’t in the cards, but for these girls scrubbing is an art. Most people would say this shows a lack of motivation to look good, but as someone who hasn’t worn jeans in over two years, I can tell you that scrubbing everyday can actually have its perks.

1) Comfort - Think of those moments during the day when your jeans start to create that lovely indent in your hips. And what about that constant fear that your "whale tail" might make an appearance the next time you sit down? Girls who scrub never have these problems; instead, we are always comfortable in our skin and can focus on what we're doing, instead of how we look.

2) Better Friends - Teenage girls are often very judgmental, and are the first ones to tell you when your eyebrows are not on fleek. The biggest offenders of this unneeded judgement, are often the girls who have all the top name-brand clothes and cake-on the makeup. There is always a constant competition between these “friends” to see who has the best clothes or shoes that week. Girls who scrub never have this problem. There is no competition between “scrubby” friends because how we look isn’t always a concern for us. Scrubbing forms beautiful, genuine friendships.

3) Compliments - One of the best feelings is when someone comes up to you and tells you how good you look. Now most of you are probably thinking that scrubbing would eliminate the possibility of that happening to people like me; on the contrary, scrubbing earns me compliments all of the time. If you set people’s expectations extremely low, it’s easy to impress. So think of that stereotypical image of a stingy, mean librarian taking her glasses off and letting her hair down. She instantly becomes hot…right? Wrong. She just finally showed you how she could look if she put in a little effort. Girls who scrub receive that reaction all of the time because even just applying some mascara and brushing your hair can do wonders for someone who never does those tedious things.

4) The Ease of Getting Ready - How many women do you know take hours hogging the mirror because they have to get the perfect winged eyeliner, or because their hair just doesn’t look good enough? Well, if you hate those girls then I suggest that you get yourself a girl who scrubs. We never take more than 10 minutes to get ready and hogging the bathroom would only happen if we couldn’t decide which sweatshirt to wear. Do you know what one other beneficial thing to being a girl who scrubs is? Sleeping in. Girls who scrub get to stay up later and sleep in longer, which for me is reason enough to ditch the fancy pants (jeans).

Girls who scrub may seem lazy or unmotivated, but in reality we are probably some of the smartest and most put together girls you could ever meet. Instead of wasting your time in the mirror to make yourself look “your best," I suggest that you take that time and get a hobby…because eventually looks go away. And honey, when they do you're going to want to have something to fall back on.



© 2018 by Sophie Van Remortel