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Mosquitoland // David Arnold

Overview: Mim Malone is a teenage girl who is forced to leave her home in northern Ohio, and move to the "mosquitoland" known as Mississippi to live with her dad and stepmom. Shortly after arriving to her new wasteland of a home, Mim learns that her biological mom is severely ill back in her hometown of Cleveland. Eager to leave her new life behind, Mim impulsively hops aboard a northbound Greyhound bus. It is here that she meets the clique of quirky travelers that will make her adventure one to remember. Her trip takes several unexpected twists and turns that force Mim to handle some tricky situations, and help her to discover herself along the way.

My Thoughts: This book has officially been added to my list of favorites. Granted, when I was in the process of reading this book, I myself was in the process of making my way to New Orleans via bus. So a lot of the events, ideas, and thoughts that I was reading on paper were actually occurring around me and in my own mind, which shaped an instant personal connection to the book and to Mim. The style of writing flowed smoothly and the story was woven together in a very creative way. My favorite part of the entire novel was getting to know more about Mim as she was getting to know herself. She's crazy, rational, intelligent, witty, and yet relatable. Above all else, I enjoyed reading a book containing a character who admits to having flaws, and that the reader can detect their oddities without the writing necessarily telling them they're there. In a strange way, this book was like a puzzle. If you love stories containing elements of adventure, awkwardness, tension, and self-discovery then this book is definitely a must read.

Rating: 7/10

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