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My First Time! Peel Off Mask Review ;)

If you've read my post 'A Bad Day Post', then you know that in times of stress I turn to face masks as part of my relaxation regime. For a college student, what time is more stressful than the week before Spring Break? After all, college professors during this time seem to forget that their class is not our only class. Which results in speeches, essays, projects, and exams all piled on at once. I unfortunately, am no exception to the susceptibility of these hard times. Hence, the lovely photo above. Before I even continue writing this post, I just have to say that yes I am wearing a face mask (look closely at my skin for the clear liquid gopped on), and yes I used a snapchat filter because I'd just taken a shower and couldn't take a cute picture without it.

I have only tried a few different face mask brands, but that was all it took for me to find one that I love. I have used Que Bella face masks for around two years now and have never used a mask I didn't like. They have so many different masks that each have their own purpose such as relaxation, purifying, charcoal, clarity, etc. You name it, Que Bella probably has it. Along with the variety of purposes, each mask also smells incredible and from what I can tell, actually works too. My skin always feels smooth and looks perfectly dewy after usage. The best part, is that I can buy them at practically every drug store (I usually get mine from Target), and I've never bought one that cost more than $3. You would think that after two years I would've realized that they have different types of mask such as sheet, washable, and peel off, but they have so many that usually last me 3-4 uses each that I only now unknowingly purchased a peel-off mask instead of my typical wash-off. So, in the midst of the peel-off face mask craze (it's not a charcoal mask but hey, it's still a peel-off), and after working on homework all day I figured, "why not?" Here is what happened...

I took a nice warm shower to cleanse my skin of all of the dirt and oil that accumulated throughout the day, patted my face dry, and then proceeded to apply the mask. The Que Bella masks that I typically use come out of the package colored and creamy, almost like a lotion. So it took me a minute of squeezing to finally realize that the mask was clear, and that half of it had just landed in the sink. I salvaged what I could from the package and began applying it to my face which was more difficult that I had expected. The formula was not only clear, but it was sticky and difficult to smear, which is why in the photo above you can see that I ended up just plopping it on however I could. Then I waited for it to dry.

The package said to wait no more than 20 minutes before removing it, but it took a little bit longer for mine to dry probably because it was in thick gobs all over my face. Finally, I decided that it was time for the peel. Which if I'm being honest, kind of scared me after I'd gone on a "peel-off mask challenge" video binge on YouTube late one night when I should've been studying. Peeling off the masks never seemed to be a painless effort in the videos I'd watched, but I couldn't spend the rest of the night with what looked like clear boogers stuck on my face.

So I made my way into the dorm bathroom and proceeded to peel it off. I started on the underside of my chin to make the process as painless as possible like I'd learned after watching so many videos, but I don't think it would've made a difference because to my surprise, removing the mask was actually close to being completely painless. It didn't come off in once piece, but even pulling it off in strips didn't hurt at all except for around the cheeks where I have a little bit of peach fuzz. After pulling off as much as I could, I simply ran warm water over a clean washcloth and gently massaged it on my face until all of the mask residue was removed. So what was the result?

Unlike in the videos I watched where YouTubers were pulling out tons of blackheads, the pieces of my masks didn't contain much that I could see (because the mask was clear it was hard to see what really had come off). I could see some facial hair, some dirt, and other particles that had settled into my skin and although it wasn't jaw dropping I was still satisfied. My skin felt smoother, my pores felt smaller, and my face was glowing. Plus, it made me smell like yummy pomegranates so that was an extra bonus.

Overall, I thought this was a great experience. For being a peel-off mask virgin, I give the Que Bella pomegranate peel-off mask a 10/10 because it was cheap, relatively easy to apply, smelt great, was painless, and provided results. Who knows... maybe next time I'll try one of the fancy charcoal blackhead removing masks.



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