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Does Anyone Else Do This at the Gym?

One of the greatest perks of coming to college for me so far has been having constant access to the Recreation Center (or REC as we call it). Having a facility so close by that offers countless ways to work up a sweat has definitely given me no excuses not to incorporate some sort of workout into my daily routine. So as I sat in the chair for the chest press machine trying to get all of my sets in yesterday, I gazed around and looked at all of the faces I'd come to recognize from seeing everyday. It was in this moment that I realized that I had unwittingly been assigning nicknames to these faces. Upon realizing this I couldn't help but laugh about some of quirky names I'd come up with, so naturally I had to write a blog post about it.

Purple tank top guy - Wears the same purple tank top every single day that perfectly frames the massive eagle tattoo between his shoulder blades.

Spring Lady - Wears the same pastel, green tank top and sky blue shorts every day which remind me of the colors of spring.

The Sweater - I dubbed this woman The Sweater surprisingly not because she sweats buckets, but because I've never seen her without a knitted sweater on.

Mrs. Dekker - I swear this woman is the long-lost twin of my Spanish teacher from my freshman year of high school.

Cranky Duo - This lovely pair consists of two women who have nicknames of their own including Pink Shirt Lady, who never wears a shirt that isn't pink, and Shower Woman who I've seen naked more times than I'll ever admit. I paired these two up because they love to walk laps together and always scowl at me as they pass by.

LANY - If I didn't know any better, I'd say that this guy really is Paul Klein the lead singer of LANY

Collin - This guy looks and runs exactly like my boyfriend's roommate. I can't even count how many times I've almost gone up to him and said, "Hey Collin!"

Redhead - I have never seen such bright red hair in my entire life.

Proud American - This guy never fails to wear American Flag shorts when he comes to the REC to get #swol. I'm beginning to wonder if owns multiple pairs of U.S.A shorts.

Turtle Neck - I'm not sure why anyone would ever want to do this, but this boy wears a bright blue, long-sleeve turtleneck shirt with another white turtleneck underneath it no matter what he's doing for a workout. Can you imagine how hot that must be?

Water Bottle Walker - This kid always has a Camelback water bottle that he fills up at least three times per workout, and he only walks laps.

Baseball Dad - This is an older gentleman who definitely looks like a dad, but he also always wears the same ratty, red, and worn-out baseball cap backwards on his head during his workouts.

Yoga Man - This name doesn't really have a story behind it besides that we took a yogalates class together last semester.

Samantha - I'm not sure why I came up with an actual name for this girl, but she has long blonde hair that she always wears in a braid, and for some reason I think her name is Sam.

Girl in the White Hat - Honestly, I envy this girl and her abs. I've only ever seen her doing long ab workouts, and I can always spot her in the REC by looking for her practically glowing white baseball hat.

Fish Girl - I probably see this girl most often, so after getting to know her facial features I can understand why I call her Fish Girl. She has a very narrow looking face with sunken cheeks that make her look like she's always puckering, and she has huge fishbowl eyes that can stare into your soul.

Honestly, if I sat down for a little bit longer I bet I could come up with a handful of even more people I've given nicknames to. But I think you get the idea. So, now that you've heard about some of the people that I've given nicknames to, do any nicknamed faces of your own come to mind?

Sophie XOXO

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