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How To: Repotting My Succulents

For those of you who may be unaware of this little fact about me, I am obsessed with plants. More specifically, I am obsessed with cacti and succulents. The first plant I ever owned was a tiny petting cactus named Avril that I got while visiting Arizona. Unfortunately, after several years Avril died. In order to fill the void that she had left on my windowsill, I went out and bought two new plants named Albert and Josie. I brought these tiny plants to live with me in my dorm room for decoration and to act as air filters. I have since then added two more plants (Toby and Pepper) to the family, and my roommate has started a little collection of her own. I've had to repot my plants several times already for various reasons, so I thought it would be fun to film a little video about how I do it especially since it's the beginning of spring. Check it out below!

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