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To the [Humans] Struggling with Purpose // Author Unknown

**DISCLAIMER** I did not write these words. I simply stumbled upon this message while scrolling through Facebook one day. Time, more specifically how we spend our short time on this earth is something that I ponder on a daily basis. Not many know this about me because I don't often discuss it, but losing time and wasting time are one of my biggest pet peeves and fears. These words sunk in deep into the crevices of my mind, and as a result I decided that they should be shared further so that they may touch more lives.

The sun had just come up a few hours before I boarded my flight on the west coast. Three hours later, I felt the jolt of landing and opened the plane window to see the sun nearly setting on the east side of the country. I literally lost time. It was like I could physically see that time had slipped through my fingers at lightning speed and an altitude that made my ears pop. And I was reminded how little control we really have over time.

It keeps ticking, keeps going, even when we do not. So I don't know what schedule you're a slave to or what junk might be eating up your day, your joy, or the limited time you've been given for this life but I do know that the sun doesn't stop. Each sun up-sun down that passes is one less day to step into your God given purpose. It's one less day to love someone, to take a risk, surrender your plans, and hand your heart to God. And [a reminder] that we never know which sunset will be our last.

So stop waiting 'til you're "ready" to start your life or your purpose. Because LIFE & PURPOSE was breathed into you on the very first sunrise you had a heartbeat for. And I don't know about you but I don't want to spend too much time watching from the sideline. I [don't] want to [...] waste another sunset doing [something] that doesn't matter. Because we matter. I matter. You matter. Please realize that [no one is more] important than you because [they] seem to be doing more with [their] days. We all have the same hours each day, the same sun rise and sun set. The only difference is what we do with it.

So be crazy, be honest, be trusting. Live like your time is running out and love like you've got nothing to lose. Hold nothing back. Because as long as we have breath, as long as we rise to see another sunrise, it's because God looks at us and says, "[...] I've got a job for you."

Sophie XOXO



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