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Thrill // Loose Buttons

Four-piece indie-rock band Loose Buttons, hailing from New York City, has granted the world a gift by releasing their single ‘Thrill’. Within the very first chords of the track, listeners are hit with the sounds of an infectious and melodic guitar, driving moody bass, and energetic percussion, setting the stage for what can only turn into your new favorite song.

Beginning in their early stages of adolescence, frontman Eric Nizgretsky and guitarist Zack Kantor made up the band Sins of The Loose Buttons, playing for just about anyone who would listen to a couple of teenagers with guitars. With the addition of bassist Manny Silverstein, and drummer Adam Holtzburg, the now four-member band dropped the beginning of their name shortening it to Loose Buttons. These changes brought the polished musicians the youthful edge, rawness, and energy that they needed to create a buzz in New York. Soon, Loose Buttons was building up impressive credentials and proving that they weren’t “just another band”.

After releasing their first EP Damage Gallery in 2014, the release of ‘Thrill’ was highly anticipated and could not come soon enough. When the single was finally released to the public there was no disappointment as the band’s famous foot-tapping, head-bobbing, and retro sound vibrated through every second of the four-minute song. The hypnotic instrumentals combined with Nizgretsky’s mesmerizing vocals and honest lyrics truly reminds the listener about the “thrill” of what it’s like to live in the moment and enjoy being yourself.

With the maturation of and new wave of sound, came a new draw to the already on-the-rise band. The young ages of the band members has allowed for them to create a dangerous combination of a lively image and energetic sound that make it nearly impossible to not fall in love with the fun-loving indie rockers.

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