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Damon Point, WA

For the last several weeks I've been preparing for and enjoying my trip to Washington State, which is why the post activity for HeyMae Blog has been so scarce. The trip as a whole was phenomenal, but there were several places I went that really stood out as the highlights of the trip. One of these places was Damon Point in Ocean Shores, WA.

Ocean Shores is a quaint, tourist-themed city/peninsula residing in Gray's Harbor County. Damon Point, a former Washington State Park, is a 61 acre piece of land at the southeastern tip of Ocean Shores Peninsula that juts out into Gray's Harbor. I had never really seen the West Coast before going to Damon Point, and it truly was a magical place to have my first West Coast experience.

The peninsula is home to a vast and diverse group of wildlife. On just our excursion alone to Damon Point we saw red rock crabs, jellyfish, bald eagles, golden eagles, and ocean perch just to name a few. Along with witnessing all of the wildlife, Damon Point also has incredible views. The beach itself has tall, green beach grass, ocean-carved stones, beautiful seashells, and plenty of driftwood. Looking south from Damon Point the port of the historic, industrial town of Westport can be seen across the harbor, to the southwest all that can be seen is the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, and on a sunny day looking northeast from the beach the Olympic Mountain Range can be seen in the distance. To get to the end of Damon Point from the main beach access entrance is an approximate one mile journey. However, if you're considering walking around the entire diameter of Damon Point then a simple walk on the beach quickly becomes more of a beach hike. It took us around 3 hours, including a few breaks, to walk around the entirety of Damon Point.

However, Damon Point isn't just an amazing place for beach hikers. For the sun lovers there's plenty of white sand for tanning on and building sand castles, there's fishing, there's surfing/boogie boarding, bird watching, dog walking, and Damon Point has even been known as an incredible spot for kite flying. Personally, I enjoyed exploring the shore to find interesting rocks and seashells to collect.

If you're looking to go somewhere that's relatively quiet, where you can spread out from other visitors, that has plenty of activities to keep you busy, and has immaculate views all at the same time then Damon Point should definitely be a contender. My only piece of advice is that no matter what you plan to do while visiting make sure you wear comfortable shoes with thick soles because the sand can be tricky to walk on, and there are areas that are made almost entirely out of broken seashells. The last thing anyone would want to have to deal with on their relaxing day at the beach is hurting feet.

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