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Just College Things

As my first semester as a Sophomore in college comes to a close, I feel that this is the most natural time for me to post about my experience in college thus far. I've realized that while trying to go about my day to day life as normally as possible there are several odd occurrences, thoughts, and other going ons that have led me to regularly adopting the phrase, "Only in college." Meaning, that whatever event that just happened, or thought that I had, is something that would really only happen during the average four years of a college student's life. As a result, here is a list that I have made to refer to these experiences thus far that I have titled Just College Things.

1. Hearing random people yelling and screaming at any and all hours of the day about who knows what.

2. Giving up on paying attention in class because your professor only wants to tell you about their personal life rather than covering what will be on tomorrow's exam.

3. Taking a relaxing shower in the community bathroom until the toilet flushes, and the scent of someone's excrement comes wafting in getting trapped with you behind the shower stall's curtain.

4. Being amazed at how good fruit and vegetables can taste after you've been living on the carbs of Mac N' Cheese and bread for weeks.

5. Feeling creeped out at how many people shout their Snapchat handles at you on a daily basis.

6. Wondering if that one guy is stalking you because you see him multiple times a day on a day to day basis.

7. Finding out on the last day of class that one of your friends has been in your class all this time that you've been stuck sitting next to the guy who's always hungover and copies your notes.

8. Being converted from a tea drinker to a coffee drinker because it's actually a college necessity.

9. Believing that you're the only sane person in your group project.

10. Feeling paranoid that your professors had a secret meeting where they decided to gang up on you during finals week.

11. Thinking you can survive on your own, but calling your mom at least once a week for advice.

12. Regularly questioning the meaning the of life.

13. Keeping a backup pair of headphones because without headphones you can't drown out the stupidity around you.

14. Never knowing what to wear because it's too cold outside and too hot in class, or vice versa.

15. Having a meltdown at least once a month.

I admit that reading through this list is a little bit depressing, but quite honestly I wish I would've read a list like this before coming to college so that I could've mentally prepared myself; although, I'm not sure how much of a difference it would've made. In summary, college isn't all bad, but there are definitely some days that really make me question why I'm putting myself through all of this.

Sophie XOXO



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