• Sophie

A Poem.

We will die unfinished.

There will be more to do,

to see, say, touch, and love.

There are places we won't visit

and love we haven't made,

there are outbursts of laughter unshared and tears

that will never fall.

Some plans, some grandeur

mapped out in the minds of us,

will expire quietly,

silent deaths that not a soul understands.

We will pass incomplete, know this, hear it, and recite it like gospel, like

a mantra of understanding:

We will die unfinished.

Still we must try, we must do,

see, say, touch, and love.

We must find the places and make the love, explode into

a million fragments of laughter

and weep unashamed. We

must find the adventure,

the grandeur, before

all this goes, and all that


-Tyler Knott Gregson, Wildly Into the Dark -

Sophie XOXO



© 2018 by Sophie Van Remortel