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Dear Childhood Bedroom

Dear Childhood Bedroom,

After over twenty years of getting to know each other, I think it's about time that we finally have this conversation - I think it's finally time for us to agree that we need some space. Don't get me wrong because you're still in some sort of inanimate yet comfortable way my best friend; and sure, I have some best friends in human form, but you know me in a way that they never can and never will, because you've known me in every moment of my life. You've known me when I was so full of joy that I needed to physically express it by jumping in place, you've known me when I've shaken with red hot anger, you've known me when I've sobbed uncontrollably with sadness, you've known me when I've been stressed beyond compare, you've known me when I've been productive even if that productivity simply meant finally putting that mountain of dirty clothes into the laundry basket in the closet, you've just known me... Through my twenty years of life experiences I've learned to love and hate, but mostly love, your four walls and the comfort I feel when I'm enclosed within them - safe from the outside world, so that it's just me and you. However, the comfort that I feel when I'm with you is causing me distress now that we must be apart once more. I'm in college now, and while I've always been independent I have to admit that it gets harder and harder each time I have to leave you to go back to sorting out the rest of my life. I wish I could do this task with you like I have for the many years before now, but I fear that if I continue to let you shield me, and that if I continue to allow you to consume me, that my roots will stop growing. You have been the seed that's nurtured me in my journey to becoming the vibrant flower I am today. As I've grown and changed you've grown and changed with me, and you will always be the home that I come back to, but I think it's time that I learn to feel comfortable allowing my roots to spread without you, so that I may find other places to also call home. I promise that I will always return to you, and I promise that I will always be thankful for the moments we've shared together from the days I was a tiny infant up until now, but it's time for me to admit to myself that I must now learn to adult without you, and I can only hope that you understand.

With love,

Sophie XOXO



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