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Everyone's an Aliebn When Ur an Ailebn Too // Jomney Sun

Overview: Jomney is a little alien bean sent on a mission to study the creatures of Earth. Feeling like he doesn't fit in with his own kind, Jomney quickly comes out of shell when he begins to feel at home with the creatures he meets during his mission including an egg who doesn't know what to hatch into, bees who are trying to understand what love is, and an introverted hedgehog who just wants to be an artist. The more time he spends on Earth the more love, acceptance, and friendship he finds.

My Thoughts: With the majority of the pages being filled with white space and 2D cartoon-like illustrations, I first picked up this book expecting to read a heartfelt children's story in the form of a short chapter book... but that was not the case...sort of. Within the first ten pages Jomney meets an optimistic snail who has been told his entire life that he is too small and slow to make a difference in the world, but that he is making a difference in his own world and he hopes that is enough - which for some reason nearly brought me to tears. Then, on the very next page Jomney meets a large and lonely polar bear who all of the other creatures run screaming from about saving their lives before even attempting to get to know him simply because he is large in size - which I admit was the final straw before the tears came flooding. At this rate I wasn't even ten pages in, and already I was thinking to myself, "If I'm already crying then what can I expect from the rest of the book?" The answer to this question was many, many, MANY more heartstring-tugging scenarios in which the creatures of Earth confide in Jomney about their personal struggles.

The more I read the more I cried, and the more I cried the more I asked myself why I was crying, and finally it dawned on me that while the adorable characters ranged from aliens, to animals, to plants, to nothingness - each character displayed humanistic traits that I could relate to including loneliness, concern about the future, anxiety about the things I can't control, and more. I was shocked that something written in a graphic novel/chapter book format, with few words and simple illustrations could make such an impact on my emotions and perceptions about the life I'm living here on Earth. After all, if the book can't even spell the word "alien" right then how impactful can it really be?

If you enjoy self-reflection, or don't have a lot of time to read then this may be a perfect book to add to your collection. Don't be fooled by the lackluster format and style because there is incredible depth and detail on every single page that deserves to be read and deciphered multiple times before final conclusions are made about this book. As American Screenwriter and Book Reviewer Joss Whedon said, "This book is funny and sad, simple and complex, badly spelled and beautifully written."

NOTE: Make sure to check out the activity log on the first and last pages if you opt. to read this book because they provide a little more insight into what Jomney thinks and learns about the creatures of earth that may add to your reflective state of mind, or even cause a little laugh.

Overall Rating: 10/10

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