• Sophie

We Are All the Same

They will learn one day,

after too many to fall before,

that words are stronger than ever credited.

That the bold black of typed text and stained fingers

from honest words leaked on simple pages

is braver and can shift the balance of power and

promise and catalyze courageous change more

than the blood red stains on tired streets,

the bullet shells of censored thought

and misunderstood gospel or confused canon.

That the sound of poetry will echo louder

than rushing feet and screaming voices

and explosions shaking morning prayers.

Don't we know by now, don't we see

that their god is your god and yours is mine

and we all will die with the same bruises

in the same spots on our knees;

kneeling, we are all the same distance

from whatever heaven we believe in.

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

Sophie XOXO



© 2018 by Sophie Van Remortel