• Sophie

Circles // Lyon Road

As human beings, we have a natural need to feel loved. However, as we all know love can be a delicate thing to deal with. From harmless flirtation, hard-hitting crushes, to long-term relationships we’ve all had those doubts on whether or not someone likes us back, let alone feels the need to be loved by you the way you feel the need to be loved by them. Small indie/alternative band Lyon Road‘s track ‘Circles’ definitely captures this inward thinking of uncertainty. “Does she want me? Does she need me?”, lead singer Tom Byrom repeats over and over sounding part hopeful and part desperate, a feeling I'm sure we can all relate to.

The four lads from Wignan, England have just recently started sharing their music with the world and many of their songs such as ‘Circles’ are a refreshing listen with their honest lyrics about life and love. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this upcoming band, and trust me when I say that this track will be, “…running ’round in circles in [your] heads.”

Sophie XOXO



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