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Daphne Blue // The Band CAMINO

Following the release of "Fool of Myself" last May, indie rock band The Band CAMINO released their newest and highly anticipated single "Daphne Blue" on August 2nd. With an electric guitar at the forefront, the track is much more raw and in your face than what their loyal fanbase may be used to; however, the elements of pop and 80s rock production that originally inspired the band's sound have somehow managed to not get swallowed by the roaring anthem.

According to the band, "Daphne Blue" is a track that has been in the works long before they even knew that they wanted to establish it as an actual song. The band has even gone on to say that their guitarist/bassist/pianist/synth player/vocalist Spencer Stewart would often play the edgy, upfront guitar riff of the track during soundchecks. It wasn't until their manager heard him play it and suggested that they write a song around it that the band finally sat down and developed their most anthemic rock song yet.

The Band CAMINO's artistic ability to create a new sound while still supporting it with the sounds of their roots, paired with honest lyrics about the helplessness of falling in love such as the opening lines, "I don't want to talk about it // And I think we both know why // I wish it wasn't automatic // The way I want you every time," make it impossible not to become addicted to hitting replay on this single.

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