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Tune Bop Jam!

Have you ever had the sensation during the middle of a conversation that the person or people that you're conversing with have practically no idea what you're saying almost as if you're speaking an entirely different language? Well I have. When you say certain words or phrases often you can easily forget that they may not be well-known by the general population, and this can lead to a lot of awkward confusion and blank stares during social situations. From my personal experience, the most common words that I get questioned about are "tune", "bop", and "jam". Don't be fooled by their surface-level similarities because these three words indeed have different meanings depending on the context they're being used in. Let's break them down.

1) Tune

A song with an easily recognizable melody that may make you feel the need to dance using your entire body. Can be amplified with adjectives such as "groovy" or "buttery" for more specified meaning, and often create chill vibes.

Example: "This is a groovy tune."

2) Bop

An oversimplified catchy song that is often uplifting in nature. Bops have the tendency to cause head bobbing and/or shoulder shaking in listeners.

Example: "This song is a such a bop."

3) Jam

A song that tends to have more production than a tune or bop - especially within the percussion. Jams can create energy surges within listeners that may or may not cause head banging, head shaking, loss of limb coordination while dancing, and intense demonstrations of air instrument playing.

Example: "This is a true jam."

These three simple words may seem like synonyms upon first glance, but when used correctly they can actually make a huge difference in describing not only the vibe of a song, but also how it's intended to make the listener feel, which impacts the listening experience more than you may realize. Now that you've been educated not only on the proper usage of these terms, but also how to use them to pinpoint a song's identity, I highly encourage you to go get your tune, bop, or jam on.

Sophie XOXO


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