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After meeting as freshman at the UC Santa Cruz, founding members Ben "Benji" Barsochinni and Aram "Max" Vehuni quickly became lifelong friends over their passion for music. Several years after graduating the two bounced ideas off of one another for independent projects, and not long after Slenderbodies was born.

Sotto Voce released in 2016 was the first love child to be written, recorded, and produced by the talented duo. Filled with light falsettos, strategic guitar riffs, and infectious electronic beats the independently released EP was very well received by music lovers around the world.

Not even a year later Slenderbodies released their second EP Fabulist which came with a surprising twist. Expanding beyond the realm of music, the duo co-wrote a poetic story filled with vivid imagery that they then used as their own inspiration to translate into the songs contained on Fabulist such as "Opal Ocean", "Mirage", "Anemone", and more. Fabulist Extended released in early 2018 then expanded upon the story, imagery, and sound created in it's predecessor through a series of short stories accompanied by even more fresh audio such as "Lucid" and "Amnesia".

Despite their never-ending need to create, what may be the most impressive about this duo is their raw talent and unwavering confidence in their abilities as artists. From the very beginning, Slenderbodies has independently written, recorded, and produced their own music in a remarkably respectable attempt to remain true to themselves. Slenderbodies' sound is admittedly heavily influenced by nature, which is the main influencer behind their organic creation process of strictly using real instruments such as vocals and guitars before digitally mastering/producing the sound later in order to bring their visions to life.

With two EPs and one extended EP already released within the first two years of Slenderbodies' existence, the remarkable talent and passion of this duo is undoubtable. The rare and equal emphasis that Slenderbodies puts on the musical elements as well as the lyrics truly makes their music not only a unique listening experience unlike any other, but also comes across as something meant to genuinely make you feel. To go on your own personal listening journey with Slenderbodies be sure to check them out at their upcoming tour dates.

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