• Sophie

Jelly Legs // Playing House

Originating from Eastern London, three-piece band Playing House has recently been making waves and crossing boundaries between the LGBTQ+ and music communities. Mixing genres such as indie pop and new wave post-punk, the trio has used music as a foundation upon which they've built up and showcased their unique and differing identities with a loud and proud confidence.

"Jelly Legs" is one of the first singles to be released from their Jocelyn EP, and it is perhaps one of the starkest representations of the band's fizzy pop with a hint of realism style. Introduced by a repetitive and hypnotic synth rhythm, the crisp lead guitar and driving percussion eventually transport the listener into a unique listening experience that is both recognizable of the 80s new wave era while also sounding completely fresh at the same time. With passionately sung and raw lyrics such as, "What if you wake up and leave me? When you realize that all you've got is me," it's impossible not find yourself relating to the singer's experience of getting caught up in the cycle of repeatedly getting beat down yet uplifted by the chaos that comes with attempting to form strong relationships.

Whether or not you identify with the LGBTQ+ community, Playing House has been a leading example of how no matter your sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc. we eventually all go through many of the same experiences when it comes to relationships for better or for worse. Mixing messages of anxiety and hope the original and energetic yet relatability of "Jelly Legs" makes this track a perfect pick me up tune for whatever mood you may be in.

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