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Head Above Water // Avril Lavigne

Diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2014, Avril Lavigne is straight on the path not only to recovery, but also a musical comeback. Despite international hits such as "Here's to Never Growing Up" and "Rock N Roll" from her last self-titled album released in 2013, the racially controversial bubblegum pop track "Hello Kitty" overshadowed the album's overall success with many longtime fans claiming that the track was enough to affirm that the Avril they'd come to know and love was gone. After releasing "Hello Kitty" in 2013, and then disappearing from the spotlight after her diagnosis in 2014, many assumed that it was the last they'd ever hear from the artist; however, to much surprise this was not the case.

Released on September 19th, 2018 the singer's most recent release "Head Above Water" is an emotional ballad that reveals the truth behind the struggles she's been enduring during her five years out of the spotlight. The song opens with a single piano playing a driving melody that sounds both powerful and timid. As Lavigne begins singing the instrumental builds layering guitar and orchestral strings to an eventual climax of acceptance about the threat to her life that leaves her pleading to God to keep her head above water so that she can recover.

While the entire song is incredibly, emotionally charged, it's the lyrics of the third and fourth verses that really encapsulate just how exhausting and terrifying the singer's fight for her life has been, "And I can't see in the stormy weather / I can't seem to keep it all together / And I, can't swim the ocean like this forever / And I can't breathe / God keep my head above water / I lose my breath, at the bottom / Come rescue me, I'll be waiting / I'm too young to fall asleep." However, it is at this point in the track that the song takes a turn from focusing on the acceptance that things are getting more and more hopeless to a new, more energetic and fierce sound that represents her continuous power and courage to keep on fighting.

It's still unclear as to when Lavigne's new album is set to release, but if "Head Above Water" is any indication about what is left to come then it cannot be released soon enough. In the meantime, Avril has said that she plans to keep on working to get her life back, as well as continue advocating for her foundation in the fight against Lyme Disease.

For more information please visit her website here: https://theavrillavignefoundation.org/

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