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Know Me // The Band CAMINO

"Know Me" is The Band CAMNIO's 10th single, following the release of "Daphne Blue" in August 2018, to be released since the band first formed. On the heels of what is considered to be the bands most rock-heavy track, "Know Me" returns to the more ballad-centric territory that the band is so well-known and loved for.

What immediately sets this track apart from other popular hits by the band, is that it appears to be a final installation within the documented series of a struggling relationship. Tracks such as "Black and White" and "My Thoughts On You" tell tales of reluctance and denial for a relationship to end; However, "Know Me" rears itself as recounting the first steps towards acceptance and self-care in the aftermath of escaping a toxic relationship. The Band CAMINO even goes as far as to reference another popular track of theirs "2/14" in the track, which can be characteristically described as a upbeat and hopeful song, as the peak of the relationship before it took a turn for the worse.

The most recent track is particularly addictive due to its construction. Starting out as slow and melodic with much of the focus being on the vocals of vocalist and guitarist Spencer Stewart, the track slowly builds upon itself adding in drums during the second verse, and lead guitar during the second chorus, before breaking into an driving guitar solo that stands as the song's ultimate emotional release. Almost immediately following the climax of the track, the vocals of lead vocalist and guitarist Jeffery Jordan cut in, in what can best be described as the freeing final word of the story surrounding the relationship in focus.

Although The Band CAMINO has an arsenal of melodic, synth-pop meets alternative indie ballads, "Know Me" is the missing puzzle piece that further showcases the depth and talent that this band has to offer. The band recently announced their first headlining tour "Love of the Game" with special guest Hardcastle - get your tickets at thebandcamino.com/shows.

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