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Concert Review // The Band CAMINO

It's less than twenty-four hours after The Band CAMINO's sold out show at 7th St Entry in Minneapolis, MN ended, and let me just say right off the bat that I have still not recovered from the incredible show that I attended. The Love of the Game Tour is The Band CAMINO's first ever headlining tour - and they must be doing something right if nearly every single one of their twenty-four U.S. shows has sold out. I have been following this band for nearly a year now, and as evident right here on HeyMae Blog, they have quickly become one of my all-time favorite bands. Plus, for only $12.12/ticket this show was a must see for myself, and despite the 3 hour drive it took to get there, I knew that whatever show The Band CAMINO had planned would be absolutely worth it.

The 7th St Entry venue on the corner of 7th St. and First Avenue in Minneapolis is well-known for being a small joint that many huge acts, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Joan Jett, performed at in the early years of their careers. Expecting to have to throw elbows, and uncomfortably sweat out the show when I saw online that the venue had standing room only, I was overjoyed when I walked in and saw that even in the back row fans were no more than fifty feet away from the stage. After purchasing a t-shirt and a poster, grabbing some drinks, and situating myself at eye-level with the stage I was ready for the performance to begin.

Opening for The Band CAMINO was the Nashville-based pop rock band Hardcastle. The four-piece band wasted no time jumping into some of their greatest hits including 'Invisible', 'I Never Knew', and 'Back To You' all the while pumping their lively and charismatic energy into the crowd. By the time they played their second song, there was hardly a single head in the crowd that wasn't bobbing up and down in awe to the infectious beat of the drums and whining guitar. Despite their slightly more rock aesthetic, it wasn't difficult to understand why The Band CAMINO had chosen Hardcastle to open up for them on tour (besides being their Tennessee neighbors), since their style of performance and writing was almost paralleled to that of The Band CAMINO. In hindsight, any other choice in the opening band wouldn't have even compared to the vibe and performance that Hardcastle was able to provide. I had never heard of Hardcastle before attending the concert, but after their energetic and quite honestly jaw dropping performance, they are definitely an up and coming band that deserves much more attention than they're currently receiving. Hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot more of them within the pop rock scene in the upcoming years.

In the moments leading up to The Band CAMINO's stage entrance, there was a vibrant energy circulating throughout the small space as fans awaited for what we already knew was going to be an amazing show. When the band finally took the stage, there was what I can only describe as passionate and loyal cheering as they opened the show with one of their most anthemic songs to date 'What I Want'. Taking a moment here and there to address the crowd, and tell stories about how certain tracks came to be what they are today, it truly felt as though The Band CAMINO was taking the time to make the audience feel uniquely involved - a small and powerful act that many modern artists unfortunately don't take the time to do. As they powered through ballads like 'Black & White' and 'Know Me', alt indie tracks like 'Who Says We're Through', pop rock songs such as 'Free of Charge' and 'Berenstein' among many more, The Band CAMINO managed to achieve the impossible by providing a show that never felt boring or repetitive, and managed to get every single body in the room moving. In addition, the band not only revisited some of their oldest and most treasured tracks such as 'Young', but they also previewed two unreleased songs, a ballad called 'Internet' and another pop rock track titled 'See Through'. One of the most amazing parts of the show was that even though both tracks have no official release dates, fans were dancing, singing, and cheering as though they were their all-time favorite songs. Therefore, it would not only be in the band's best interest, but it would also make fans overjoyed if they were to release both tracks - hopefully in the very VERY near future. Despite many moments for both the musicians as well as the audience, of being able to do nothing else but be fully immersed in the music, the encore was undoubtedly the highlight of the entire show. Consisting of their most recent release 'Something To Hold Onto' and their most rock-driven track to date 'Daphne Blue', there was nothing other to do within those six minutes than to dance and scream the lyrics at the top of our lungs as if our lives depended on it - and in those moments it felt like they did.

After a two-hour show, a mutual feeling floated around among the crowd that we could never get enough of Hardcastle's and The Band CAMINO's talent. Even after the encore, fans huddled around in groups dispersed throughout the room reveling in the catharsis of what we'd just experienced - no one was in a rush to leave. Both bands truly provided the audience with an engaging, lively, addicting, and quite honestly life-changing show that I'm positive not a single soul in attendance will ever forget. There are only nine shows left on The Love of the Game Tour, so if you have the time I strongly recommend purchasing some tickets, and making the hike for a truly unforgettable concert.

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