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Rocket Ship // Alec Ryan

Today, Denver artist Alec Ryan released "Rocket Ship", the lead single off of his upcoming debut album, Paper & Pen. The album, which contains a collection of stories about love and the lack thereof, is 5 years in the making. The album’s lead single "Rocket Ship" gives listeners an early taste of Alec’s raw stylings of heartfelt piano-pop, which is comparable to the early stylings of The Cab, and Alex Goot to name a few.

Beginning with simple, stripped down piano and vocals, "Rocket Ship" slowly builds upon itself becoming more and more instrumentally complex as it progresses. Moving from verse to verse, by the time the track passes its second chorus, the song instrumentally reflects the romantic vision of a rocket ship taking off and coursing through the sky, which is very fitting considering that "Rocket Ship" is a song about stepping out of one's comfort zone and taking a chance on the things you want most. Initially written for Ali, a girl that Alec had fallen for, it wasn't until later that Alec would come to realize that the romantic and transcending messages in "Rocket Ship" were ones that he needed for himself as well.

Back in Iowa, where he grew up and attended school, Alec had become known as a prolific songwriter. Writing a new song every day became routine, yet he faced internal resistance about sharing his music with the world. A year or so after finishing school, Alec’s studies, as well as his relationship with Ali, had come to a close, and he knew that the time had come. He’d leave his small town in Iowa for the city, hoping to make his singer-songwriter dreams a reality.

The internal resistance Alec faced persisted; however, after two and a half years of artistic pursuits in Denver, CO including writing, performing, and recording, the time to finally release his music was upon him. It was only fitting that "Rocket Ship", a song based on stepping out of one's comfort zone, became the first release.

“'Rocket Ship' will always hold a special spot in mine and Ali’s hearts for our time spent together,” says Alec. “Regardless of what you face resistance in pursuing, 'Rocket Ship' is likely to mean a lot to you as well.”

If the rest of Alec's upcoming album Paper & Pen is even somewhat reflective of the stylings of "Rocket Ship", then lovers of piano-pop ballads are in for a real treat. "Rocket Ship" is now available for purchase or streaming on all major platforms. To hear more of Alec’s story and for more information on the upcoming release of Paper & Pen, visit www.alecryan.com.

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