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Rightfield Hits a Home Run With Their New Self-Titled Single

"Some roommates who aren't good enough to play professional basketball so we tried making music instead. So far so good. Still really into basketball tho." -Rightfield

As if their Spotify bio doesn't say enough about Rightfield's character already, I'm here to tell you all about this down to earth band. Self-described as belonging to the indie acoustic and folk genres, this three-piece band hailing from Arkansas has racked up nearly 28,000 monthly listeners on Spotify since their recent beginning in 2017.

Fans of Knox Hamilton, Estes, The Band CAMINO, and many more may be attracted to Rightfield's smooth vocals, groovy guitar rhythms, and strategic choices in percussion. Their self-titled and most recently released single Rightfield begins to stray away from the folk style that they pursued in 2018, heading more in the direction of indie pop.

The slow-tempoed, mellow first track from Rightfield - "Stuck in California" - forces the listener's attention to the band's impressive musicianship more-so than on the song's actual lyrics - which describe feeling a discontent uncomfortableness about one's life, and being unsure of whether to grab life by the bootstraps, or wait for life to happen to you. My personal favorite track "Look Good" begins with a melodic guitar riff that drives the track through to the very end. Of all of Rightfield's songs, "Look Good" is by far one of the best tracks to dance along to as lead singer Jack Blocker vocalizes, and even raps, about feeling the need to be better than the person he's been and even is now, but feeling incapable of doing so. The last track on the single "To Be Honest" is by far one of the band's most upbeat songs to date. With a pulsing drum beat and uplifting orchestral section before a rhythmic guitar breakdown, the song's message about taking life one day at a time in order to overcome personal obstacles is felt from the very first beat.

Two of Rightfield's other songs "Bittersweet Endings" and "Finally Home" also focus on the topic that no one can fully control their lives beyond how they respond to life's obstacles. In an interview with the Arkansas Traveler, the band expressed how that particular message is what they want listeners to think of as the basis of their band. Between their soft emotional lyrics, intricate strings, and laid back percussion, Rightfield is quickly capturing the hearts of music fans across a variety of genres.

They don't currently have any upcoming shows, but fans can give Rightfield some love on their social media, as well as by listening to their latest single Rightfield on Spotify.

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