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Death by PVRIS? Yes Please!

It's been a hot minute since lovers of the 3-piece, Massachusetts-born, and alt-rock band PVRIS blessed listeners with their moody tracks - but the good news is that the wait is officially over. Released on July 11th, 2019, "Death of Me" is the first taste into what PVRIS has been up to since the end of their AWKOHAWNOH tour in 2018.

Self-described in the past as a moody, alternative rock band, PVRIS has (much to the delight of their fans) kept in touch with their earlier sound, whilst still managing to present something entirely new and yet somehow very PVRIS.

From the very beginning "Death of Me" is loaded with a deep, tense bass that adds an addictive seductiveness to the track. The unexpected lo-fi, synth pop sound of the verses also lends itself to the intense climax of the alt-rock sound of the chorus that PVRIS is notoriously praised for. In addition, the provocative lyrics start as almost a question as the listener can hear a curious yet cautiousness to front-woman Lynn Gunn's voice. However, as the instrumental backing progresses by adding on more and more layers, Gunn's voice can be heard becoming more allured, and more empowered by her decision to give into the "danger" of a powerful, and perhaps toxic relationship.

“We wanted to match the seductive grittiness of the song with uncertain, tense and subliminal visual themes. We also hid, in plain view, references to the occult and divination, to be unpacked by the viewer… if they so choose.”

All in all, PVRIS has accomplished something that many bands, especially those that are still in such early stages of their careers, have failed to do - stick to the old, while creating something new. If the music video for "Death of Me" is any hint, perhaps this "death" is referring to PVRIS' musical past, and perhaps this "death" is necessary in order for the band to move forward into genesis.

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