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Denver Based Artist Alec Ryan Set to Release His Debut Album "Paper and Pen"

On September 20th, Denver based pop singer-songwriter Alec Ryan will release Paper, the first half of his debut album Paper and Pen. This album is a collection of stories about love, found through the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Five years in the making, Paper and Pen is the first full taste of Alec’s raw stylings of heartfelt piano-pop.

Prior to his move to Denver, Alec had grown up in and attended school in Iowa. Upon graduating, Alec had a meaningful relationship, a full time job, a salary, and ultimately a great start to life by many standards. But the passion was missing. As fate would have it, everything changed. His relationship came to an end, and as he'd come to realize, so had any reason for maintaining his current path in life.

Life had been a roller coaster up to this point, but through love, loss, and change, he had finally come to understand the thing that sets his soul on fire, and the time had come to pursue it. Paper delves into the early stages of the pursuit of that passion, with stories of learning to take a chance on something you love while not letting fear get in the way.

"Along with the willingness to take chances, the love that's found in the pursuit of something meaningful has to be cherished, as well, " said Alec. "Living in the moment when you've found love is important, because you never know how long it's meant to last."

Paper is available on September 20th for streaming or purchase on all major platforms. To hear more of Alec's story and for more information on the full release of Paper and Pen , visit AlecRyan.com.

Listen to Paper here: https://soundcloud.com/alecryanmusic/sets/paper-ep-unreleased-masters/s-cip9a


Artist: Alec Ryan Email: alec@alecryan.com

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