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Sweet, Sour, & Spunky Karly Driftwood is 'Too Mean to Die'

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Karly Driftwood is a fiery redhead with an angel face who is more than she appears to be on the surface. A long time lover of writing, Karly was instantly infatuated after beginning guitar lessons with using music as a catalyst for her words - most of which have to do with the hard topics of life including drug use, fake friends, toxic relationships, and late nights working in a strip club in order to pay her way. All of Driftwood's late nights paid off after she was finally able to transition to Nashville, Tennessee where she released her first ever and self-funded album 'Too Mean To Die' in April 2019.

Filled with recognizable nodes to honky tonk and traditional country, layered on top of rock n' roll and alternative rhythms, 'Too Mean To Die' brings something new to the country music table in the form of alternative country rock. With lyrics that slice through the listener like a knife, the album unapologetically lays out Driftwood's faults, failures, aspirations, and determination for all to see. The alluring track "Stripped My Way to Nashville" is quite literally a personal narration of all she's endured in order to make her dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter a reality. Other more hard-hitting tracks such as "Too Mean to Die" take on more anthemic forms describing her perseverance to continue doing whatever it takes to be unyieldingly herself not only within the music industry, but also within a world that appears to be so intent on creating carbon copies of the 'perfect' person. What is perhaps the most captivating element of Driftwood's work, is listening to the contradiction of upbeat tempos paired with a light female voice reciting dark, vulgar, and haunting lyrics that make her work almost pleasantly unsettling.

Emanating the personas and talent of the bold, fearless, and iconic women who came before her such as Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Ray, and of course the queen of country Dolly Parton, Driftwood can be described as nothing less than deserving of being added to this list of pioneering female artists. With angelic looks, undoubtable talent, and artistic fearlessness, Karly Driftwood is a sweet, sour, and spunky force to be reckoned with.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3yNjrISXP6gLiN2Qg17u5e?si=i4i6X_riRb6V4AprKGDbCg

Website: https://www.karlydriftwood.com/

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